Mission & History


Our mission is to encourage better utilization of the Southwest’s water resources through the development of brackish groundwater and with advocacy and education of state and local decision-makers, the public, industry, and other stakeholders.

SouthwestDesal will develop a legislative agenda to educate state lawmakers about the needs, benefits, and opportunities for desalination in the southwest region. Current regulatory language in each state will be examined for areas where the rules can be streamlined or minimized to encourage the use of this technology and the available resources. Our goal is to unlock key water resources to benefit the public safety and economic prosperity of the southwestern U.S. by providing the conduit between the public and industry.


SouthwestDesal grew out of the successful Texas Desalination Association. TexasDesal has advocated for desalination in Texas for the past five years. It began by conducting a thorough analysis of the rules and regulations affecting desalination in the state and has worked with legislators and public agencies to make desal a more viable option for municipalities and industry. TexasDesal educates policy-makers, the private sector, and the general public about the benefits of brackish and seawater desalination and hosts an annual conference that has grown in attendance and importance each year.

SouthwestDesal currently operates out of TexasDesal’s Austin office, with a planned expansion into other states as time, need and interests allow.

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Membership in SouthwestDesal puts you on the front row for water policy initiatives, actions with elected officials and government agencies, and the latest desal industry developments in the Southwest.

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